When should I order my invitations?

We’d say you should order your invitations 4-6 months before your big day. Try and give us a clean 2 months to do our job (to be safe) and then you need to get those invitations out at least 2 months before your Wedding – so ordering them 4 months in advance is all good if you’re planning on hand delivering them.

How do I word my invitations?

Consider us ‘Besties’ once you’ve signed off on your quote and paid your 50% deposit – we have all sorts of handy info to send you including some wording guidance!

When do you need to get started on my on-the-day stationery?

As soon as you have all the necessary info at your fingertips and finalized you can send it our way so that we can get stuck into these lovelies. You need to be sure everything is finalized before we start production to avoid having to order reprints. Allowing 2 months before the big day for all the bits and bobs to be produced is a good idea. Giving us anything less than 4 weeks to work on these (even if you’ve paid your deposit) will be considered a ‘rush-job’ and incur an extra stress relief fee.

How do I place an order?

For custom work: Take a look at THE PROCESS, we love creating shiny new designs.

For existing designs in the SHOP: If you’d like to purchase something from our SHOP, just add your choices to your shopping cart (most items have a minimum order quantity) and checkout! At this stage we can only accept EFTs/Bank transfers – once payment has cleared in our account we’ll get in touch to discuss your personalized wording. Boom, that easy!

How long will my order take?

For custom work: Please take the time to read through THE PROCESS Once we know what you’d like, you’ve accepted our quotation and paid your deposit (keep in mind this back and forth emailing may take a while) we generally need up to 6 weeks from designing the initial drafts through to printing and assembling the final products. Further delays may be caused by breaks in communication (pre-Wedding honeymoon anyone?), multiple changes to your designs and not having all the necessary information ready for us.

For orders from the SHOP: Although the designs available from the SHOP do not need as much time to process, personalizing text still means there is some back and forth emailing involved and we’ll still need you to approve proofs. Depending on customer response time this may take up to 4 weeks but count on a minimum of 2 weeks from your proof approval.

Help!? I need my stationery like, yesterday! Can you help me out?

We sure can try! Any work needed in less than 4 weeks’ time is considered a rush job and will mean an extra stress-relief fee is payable. You’ll need to get in touch with us ASAP though to see if we can indeed accommodate you! Ps. Rush jobs depend heavily on your super-duper fast response time. #justsayin

How do I know what I’ll be getting, can I be sent a sample?

We’re happy to send you a FREE sample pack of some of our work, we will need to charge a courier fee of R150 to get it to you though. Whilst we can’t customise the designs we send you samples of – if we know what sort of style(s) you’re interested in seeing we’ll do our best to send you related work we’ve previously designed.

If you would like to see a sample of a specific design from our SHOP please let us know this when you contact us. Sample sets do not include envelopes, folders or pocket sleeves – if you would like a sample of any of these please contact us.

What are my paper options, can you send me some samples?

We get really excited about paper and we understand that you might get excited about it too! We strictly stick to using papers that are produced using certified environmentally friendly methods. We’re happy to send you a sample pack which includes printed colour charts on different papers. We will need to charge you a courier fee of R150 for this though.

How much does shipping cost? Can I arrange my own courier?

Sorry, not sorry – we only use our trusty courier guy to get your precious package to you (no snail mail). You’re of course more than welcome to arrange your own courier if you’d prefer or collect your finished goodies yourself from Gardens, Cape Town.

For orders from the online Shop: Your shipping fees will be added to your cart at checkout.
For custom orders not made through the online Shop: We’ll estimate a shipping cost in your initial quote – this will be based on your order (quantities, materials, sizes etc.) Once we’re all done with production you’ll receive an invoice for a balance payment which will reflect your finalized shipping fee based on the volumetric weight of your packaged order.

Once your order is dispatched – Shipping times vary between 2-5 days depending on your location.